The difference between a Marriage and a Wedding

Published on 13 June 2022 at 09:18

Here, in the UK,* a celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies –such as weddings, vow renewals, baby naming, funerals and memorials and yet, that does not make it legal. 

Marriage is the legal part. 

The marriage certificate.  

In order to become legally married in England, you will need to register your intent to marry with the registry office and book your appointment to sign the legal documents.  Don't be fooled into thinking that it has to be anything other than the legal legal element of your marriage.

It's just a short appointment that will involve signing the marriage licence and saying a few contracting words in front of 2 witnesses of your choice. There is no legal requirement to exchange rings and vows, so these can be kept for your wedding ceremony with your Celebrant and by booking a Celebrant for your service, you can have the vows you want, the music you want, the readings you want, the wedding you want!

And remember to check out the blog post on venues too!  A Celebrant does not have to carry out the ceremony in the licenced square, they can carry out the ceremony anywhere, so you can register your intent to marry, marry before your wedding or a few weeks after to make it legal and have your wedding anywhere!

*It's so different in other countries!



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