Argh! The registrar cannot attend my venue on my wedding day!

Published on 6 May 2021 at 16:34

What are you going to do if you have a venue, it’s licensed, it’s given you the available dates it has, you pick one and then….

The registry office says they cannot attend!

You go back to the venue and they have no other dates!

Your wedding plans start to look like they are in tatters ☹ or do they?

It's really important to know how to get around this and the difference between a Registrar and a Celebrant!

I had another call about this today, I get three or four a week; I'm always happy to explain when someone calls me looking for a registrar.

At Mariposa Creations we are Celebrants, and until things change in this country and become the same as Australia and America we cannot legally marry people, what we can do is carry out weddings, bespoke, handcrafted unique weddings... the registry office carries out marriages!

The registrar cannot attend on the date you want?

If you phone your local registry office and the registrar is not available for the date of your wedding and the venue has no other dates what happens next?  

Do you start looking for a new venue for the date your registrar can attend? 

We are going to see this happen more and more over the coming months and probably well into 2023 as we try and fit in all of the postponed weddings!

The registry offices are already overwhelmed!

Hang on though! What does the registrar do?

The registrar carries out the legal part of the marriage, the piece of paper, the document that shows you have entered into a legally binding contract.




Carry out the legal part when you can.

Run off and have your wedding just the way you dreamed of, on the day you wanted, at the venue you wanted!

You can overcome the problem of them not being available on your chosen date by having a Celebrant-led wedding!

A Celebrant can create a wedding, a day to remember, with a bespoke, handcrafted ceremony, tailored to you as a couple, your love story interwoven into your wedding, your vows written by you or with help from the Celebrant, even a rose ritual, a sand ritual or no ritual! 

Still with the ring exchange, still with the wedding party, the groomsmen, the bridesmaid, the dress, hair, makeup and all at the venue you wanted. 

How do I make that happen?

All you need to do is take the date your registrar is offering you nearest to the original date you wanted and do the legal part of getting married, after all it's only a document, and then?

Then unlock your imagination with a celebrant to create a dream wedding, unique to you.

Don't forget if you want to hold your wedding at unlicensed venue or licensed a Celebrant can carry do that for you!

We're here to help with your wedding plans, whether it be as your Wedding Celebrant, a full wedding planning service, wedding coordination, vow writing, speech writing and even helping people prepare to give speeches!

Contact us and we'll help.

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