Why use a Wedding Planner?

Published on 30 April 2021 at 16:55

Why use a Wedding Planner?

Nothing makes us smile more here at Mariposa Creations than when we step back and watch you walk towards your husband to be, when you walk down the aisle on the arm of a loved one, with your family and friends only having eyes for you.


In that moment we pause with them and drink in the romance of the day.

And then, unlike your guests, we stop and begin to work, on the spot if you've asked us to be in attendance, with a smile on our face, for no-one needs to know the inner workings of our mind at this point!


We look around to make sure everyone is in attendance, that the flowers are still where we placed them, that the chairs are still in beautiful rows, that the train of your dress is flowing and that the younger members of your wedding party are happy.

We mentally go through everything, the venue decoration, the table layouts, the table plan, the centre pieces, the menus, drinks, toasts, speeches and arrival times of the entertainers and evenign guests. We double and triple check the cake cutting ceremony, visualise the room once more, the timings of the day, the serving of the food, the change of clothes and of course, the first dance.


And we remember more, remember it all, because we remember every moment of the day you have planned so in that moment that you begin your journey toward your new husband, all you have to do is remember the love that bought you there.

That's why a wedding planner works, because planning weddings works!


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