My venue can host weddings!

Published on 16 March 2021 at 16:13

Have you ever heard yourself saying this?

And then checked out how much it would cost to become licensed? 

It's a lot of money and whilst for some venues is most definitely worth it, we are seeing a lot more couples looking for bespoke, creative weddings at their favourite bars, restaurants, beach bars, cafes and small hotels.

Getting married before or after your wedding ceremony is not unsual, therefore if you are approached by someone who wants to get married at your venue, you first need to understand what that means, a wedding and a marriage is different!  The marriage is the legal part, the wedding is the ceremony:

  • Explain that you are not licensed to hold marriages but you can hold their wedding.
  • Suggest they organised their marriage at the local registry office for before or after their planned date.
  • Put them in touch with a Wedding Celebrant to help them create their ceremony and plan their day.
  • All work together to create a beautiful event.

If you need any advice please let me know and I'll happy help out.


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