Leanne is our Celebrant and yet what makes her good at that?

My entire career has been about people, helping them focus, getting their focus, getting their attention and I do that through words! Spoken and written.


As an award-winning entrepreneur, I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge gaining an eclectic array of qualifications in business, management, meditation, reflexology, counselling, coaching, and, in the early part of 2020, as a celebrant!


Appearing in the Daily Mail, Metro and other newspapers, I’ve trended on popular social media sites, featured in regional newspapers and on the BBC after developing an innovative course for teenagers. I was often on stage delivering motivational speeches to businesses, groups and more recently, of course, online. I’ve managed business shows, music festivals and wedding shows, I’ve also been a leading figure in the Chamber of Commerce.


In 2018 after an illness, I did realign my focus though and began to embrace, rather than be embarrassed by, being an Eclectic Butterfly.


I went back to coaching, taking the time to listen, to find out about the journey people had taken, asking them the right questions to help them find the answers that were already within them, drawing on my personal experiences to work with clients and I continue to work with people in their businesses, assisting with cleaning up their processes and procedures, making plans to scale up their business.

But I also took the easy, and fantastic decision to train as a Celebrant.


I listen to people’s stories, I talk to families and couples and help them plan and create celebrations and ceremonies for themselves and their loved ones; beautiful weddings and vow renewals, naming ceremonies and celebrations of life through fond farewells, writing living eulogies, so memories can be put down on paper before it’s too late, unlocking imaginations, sharing memories with compassion, describing romantic stories with love and joy.


Not only that, I moved my writing from just being published in business publications, private in-house publications and FE educational books to releasing my book! The Gratitude Journal and creating supportive Facebook groups for both women and businesses. 

If I had to try and list what I do it goes like this:


I’m creative; a writer, an artist, a teacher. 

I’m a Celebrant
I’m a Business and Management Consultant.
I'm a Director of three businesses.

I'm a qualfied Mortgage advisor

I coach women and business owners in the health care, beauty, wellness and wedding industry.

I’m The Eclectic Butterfly.


If you want me to help you make your day amazing, fun, wonderful and memorable, please get in touch. 


Contact us to have a chat about your ceremony, celebrations, events and plans. 

Leanne Elliott - The Eclectic Butterfly

Where Mariposa began, planning my own wedding back in 2013!