Mariposa Ceremony Creations


When you are planning a wedding, one thing we always tell people is to make it all about them.

It is one of the biggest days of your life, so you should enjoy it. Make your day personal to the both of you, so that the memories will make you smile.

Here at Maripos Ceremony Creations, as wedding celebrants, we take the time to write personal vows and dedications that help make sure everyone knows it is all about you, rather than more generic options that they will have heard before.

If you want a romatic ritual added to the service we can.

If you want to get married on the beach we can.*

In your favourite hotel (but it's not licensed for marriages) we still can!*

If you want to tell your love story through your ceremony... we can.

Your ceremony, whether it be a wedding, vow renewals, naming ceremony or rites of passage, will be hand written, bespoke and totally tailored and unique to you, when you choose to unlock your imagination with a celebrant led wedding.

You can follow the #toptenweddingtips and they are great and yet who says what goes into your wedding?

You do!

Once you've got the legal bit sorted, the paperwork, the marriage, you can have your wedding anyway you want!

Your day is just that!


So unlock your imagination with a Celebrant!


Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly, and just like a butterfly we take your ceremony idea from its chrysallis to full flight, people will stop for YOUR moment in their lives and take in the beauty of your ceremony, when it's created together with Mariposa Creations. 


With tailored packagages which help you plan your whole day, to hand written individually crafted ceremonies delivered by our qualified Institute of Professional Celebrants we can help your day become the beautiful day you always imagined.


We believe that a wedding, or indeed any ceremony of joy, should be all about the day, the love, the romance and the meaning so let's not get bogged down with the paperwork! 

If you want to have a ceremony to remember, choose a creator of romance to help celebrate your love! Contact us to see how we can help.


We know that each couple has their own beautiful love story and amazing adventure to write – and we can’t wait to be a part of it. 


Creating celebrations and ceremonies for you and your loved ones to share.


We love nothing more than to help you celebrate your special day, whether it be 


  • Weddings, 
  • Baby naming ceremonies, 
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Blessings
  • Vow Renewals


Your imagination can be unlocked when you choose Mariposa Creations as the celebrant for your ceremony.


At Mariposa, we can help you by creating any type of ceremony you want!

Whether it be a baby naming ceremony or a vow renewal, an anniversary ceremony due to a Covid wedding, a sweet 16, a naming ceremony, we've even been asked to carry out a pet wedding! 

  • If you want to celebrate and you want a ceremony written and conducted ...we can help!

And what's more, not only are we Celebrants, but we are also

passionate planners!

* Dependant on Government guidelines and permission from the landowner.